Product Summary:

This is an Endowment Assurance plan designed for the benefit of handicapped dependants.


Premiums are payable quarterly, half-yearly or yearly throughout the term of the policy or till the earlier death. Alternatively, the premium may be paid in one lump sum (single premium).

Guaranteed Additions:

The policy provides for the Guaranteed additions at the rate of Rs.60 per thousand Sum Assured for each  completed policy year while the policy is in full force. The Guaranteed Additions are  payable at the end of the policy term or on earlier death.

Loyalty Additions:

This is a with-profit plan and participates in the profits of the Corporation’s life insurance business.  It gets a share of the profits in the form of loyalty additions which are terminal bonuses payable along with death or maturity benefit. Loyalty addition may be payable from fifth year onwards depending on the experience of the Corporation.