This is the best form of life assurance for family provision since it enables the Life Assured to pay all the premiums during the ordinarily vigorous and most productive years of life. He need not pay any premium in the later stages of life if and when his conditions might become adverse.

With Profits Limited Payments Policies do not cease to participate in profits after completion of the premium paying period but continue to share in the periodical Bonus Distribution until the death of the Life Assured.The Without-Profit option is available under Table no. 3.

If the policyholder pays at least 3 years’ premiums and then discontinues paying any more premium, a reduced paid-up assurance policy comes into force.

Such a reduced paid-up Policy will not be entitled to participate in the profits declared thereafter, but such Bonus as has already been declared on the Policy will remain attached thereto. The premium paying term under this plan is five years minimum and 55 years maximum.